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Meet Reese


Reese started bass fishing and following competitive anglers early in age. In 2008, a fishing show changed fishing from a leisurely activity to a passion to fulfill a dream. A dream to travel across the country in a fully loaded rig competing against the best of the best!

As an angler he started in creeks and ponds fishing local trout derbies, making his way to Penn State and fishing collegiately. As sports were always an interest even through college, they never seemed to get in the way of chasing his dream. 

Aside from fishing competitively, Reese takes it to the saltwater with Jersey Boy Charters as a secondary captain and also runs a full guide service on the tributaries of Lake Ontario for varieties of trout and salmon.

In his second season in the Bassmaster Opens Series, Reese is ready to attack the tidal favored schedule while chasing a shot at the Bassmaster Classic.

On & off the water

Home Town: Broomall, PA
Favorite Bodies of Water: James River & St. Lawrence River/Lake Ontario
Favorite Technique: Cranking

Fishing Strength: Power Fishing
Boat: Bass Cat Cougar
Motor: Suzuki
Tow Vehicle: Ram Rebel

Favorite Fishing Memory: White Marlin Open (2020 & 2021)
Favorite food: French Fries
Favorite Non-Fishing Activities: Snowboarding & Family Time

Hero: My Mom <3

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